Vic Music

Vic Music Org is arranging a 2 am lockout show to lobby the current trial decision by the
Brumby government which is certain to create difculties for those in the music and hospi-
tality industries.
Premier John Brumby yesterday released details of alcohol reforms cover-
ing law and order and health to counter a wave of violence and illness. The lock out sys-
tem will see drinkers banned from entering inner city bars, pubs and clubs after 2am. The
Crown Casino gaming floor is exempt from this law.

Whilst VIC MUSIC appreciates a problem with escalating violence and binge drinking in
todays society we feel that other reforms could be more productive in alleviating the initial
issue. We aim to produce a highly researched document and a new VIC MUSIC Initiative
offering support to our lobby and will gladly work with the government and other associa-
tions in countering negative effects within the entertainment industry.

Details of our new initiative and 2 am Lock Out Show will be available at this site and press

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